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        Integrity and Compliance Policy

         1. Objectives

        Concord New Energy Group is dedicated to the idea of good faith management, adheres to high standards of business ethics, regulates the professional conduct of all its employees, requires strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the Group's code of ethical conduct and rules and regulations, establishes a working style of integrity, diligence and dedication, and earnestly safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of customers, business partners and shareholders.

        2. Principles

        The Group adopts a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption and adheres to the basic principle of "taking a dual approach that combines prevention and punishment with the emphasis on prevention" and "whistleblower protection and recusal of interested parties" in its anti-fraud work.

        3. Organization

        The Group's Board of Directors supervises the Group's anti-fraud work and guides the establishment of a Group-wide anti-fraud culture and control system. The Board of Directors and the Audit Committee provide guidance, supervision, and necessary participation in the anti-fraud work.

        The Audit Department is the permanent body responsible for organizing and executing the Group's anti-fraud work.

        4. Prevention and Training

        4.1       Strictly abide by the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China, and establish and continuously improve the corporate anti-corruption system by formulating a system of anti-corruption regulations, such as the Anti-Fraud Management System, the Supervision and Management Measures for Tendering and Bidding, and the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct, while revising them in a timely manner to ensure their applicability and effectiveness.

        4.2       Promote the corporate culture of "honesty and integrity" and create an anti-fraud corporate environment.

        4.3       Regularly provide various forms of training on laws, regulations and professional ethics to board members and all staff each year. For example, through various publicity measures such as posts on Audit Department WeChat Official Account and legal lectures, to communicate the idea of integrity and honesty to board members and employees to ensure Group-wide coverage.

        4.4       Provide anti-corruption training and education on laws, regulations, and integrity ethics to new employees.

        4.5       Suppliers are required to sign an Integrity Commitment Pact, which is publicized during the bidding process.

        5. Complaints and Reports

        5.1       With zero tolerance for any unlawful, non-compliant and unethical behavior, the Group has established a platform for reporting professional ethical misconducts and incidents of fraud, accepting complaints by calls, emails, and mailbox.

        5.2       Complaint and report channels:

        (1) Postal address: Audit Department, China Wind Energy Building, Building 9 of Interwest International Center, No. 9 Capital Stadium South Road, Haidian District, Beijing 10048 China            

        (2) Tel: 010-88314950 

        (3) Email address: complaint@www.body-and-balance.com

        (4) Official website: http://portal.www.body-and-balance.com/pubinfo/audit/

        6. Whistleblower Protection

        A whistleblower protection system is set up to guarantee confidentiality protections for whistleblowers by rules, and hold accountable those who disclose classified information and retaliate against whistleblowers according to law. For more details, please refer to Sustainable Development Policies of Concord New Energy Group—Whistleblower Protection Policy.


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