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        CNE Team Successfully Completed the L'étape Zhejiang by Le Tour de France

        L'Étape Zhejiang by Le Tour de France was held in Zhuji on May 26th. CNE dispatched the team which consists of Liu Jianhong, vice chairman of the board, Dr. Shang Li, vice president, Zhou Xiaole, investment director, Ma Yingli of financial department and Wang Jiang of administration department. They competed against more than 2000 competitors from more than 30 teams from all over the world. Five members all finished 133km track, and won the group’s 12thplace. Ma Yingli ranks No.77 with 5h36m35s70ms and Liu Jianhong ranks No. 105 with 6h27m29s320ms in woman group. Wang jiang ranks No. 942 with 5h51m15s720ms, Zhou Xiaole ranks 943 with 5h51m27s300ms, and Jiao Jiabin ranks 1039 with 6h22m490ms in man group. This is the second time for CNE to completed the L'Étape by Le Tour de France after the L'Étape Beijing in 2018.

        Founded in 1903, the Le Tour de France is a world-famous cycling race brand with three categories: Tour de France, Le Tour de France Critérium and L'Étape by Le Tour de France. The track has various sections such as flat road, slope, bend and sprint, which not only tests players’ strength and skills, but also their endurance, will and cooperative awareness. While they still successfully completed the competition with spirit of self-challenge, tenacious struggle and constant breakthrough. They practiced the values of “pursuing excellence” and the spirit of “cooperation and enterprising” with practical actions and outstanding performance.



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