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        CNE 641MW Wind Power and PV Projects Listed on the First Batch of Grid Parity Projects in 2019

        May 22th National Development and Reform Commission announced the first batch of grid parity projects list in 2019. CNE 641MW wind power and PV projects, including 250MW wind power projects in Heilongjiang province, 198MW wind power projects in Jilin province, 148MW wind power projects in Hunan province, and 45MW distributed PV pilot market trading projects in Tianjin, were listed on it.

        The projects above are all located in the area with comparatively superior wind resources and high on-grid price. The on-grid price in Heilongjiang is 0.374Yuan, Jilin is 0.3731Yuan,  Hunan is 0.45 Yuan, and Tianjin is based on the pilot market trading on-grid price.

        With the continuous technology development of renewable energy generating equipment in recent years, these projects in such areas have all increased sharply in equivalent available hours in a whole year. These projects will bring greater benefit to CNE.


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