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        CNE & Windey Singed the Wind Power Strategic Partnership Agreement with Harbin Government

        On the morning of April 12th, the CEO of CNE, Mr. Yu Weizhou, attended the signing ceremony of wind power development cooperation in Harbin, and signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with Harbin Development and Reform Commission and Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. It aims to build the first large-scale wind power industrial equipment base in north-east area hand in hand, and develop local wind power resource, in order to promote the development of wind power industry, transfer resource superiority into industry superiority, as well as promote the transformation and upgrading of Harbin's manufacturing industry and energy restructuring.


        By this cooperation, CNE and Windey make full use of their advantages to be united to  lay out the local wind power industry, which realizes multiple win and lays the foundation of further development for CNE in north-east area.


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