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        Greatly valuing talent cultivation and development, Concord New Energy Group creates a comprehensive compensation plan and a premium talent training system, enabling employees to improve both management skills and professional competence, and dedicating to cultivating versatile talents to effectively promote the common growth of employees and the Group.

        Comprehensive Compensation Plan
        In order to attract high-caliber and elite talents in the industry, the Group provides good salary and benefits, including a competitive compensation package, old-age pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, maternity insurance, and housing provident fund schemes, option incentives, holiday bonuses, annual spring outings and medical check-ups.

        Excellent Training System
        The company strives to become a learning organization concerning with each employee's growth and improvement of their professional skills. Through providing professional training programs, the company is in hopes of employees’ growing up together with the company’s development.

        Introduction to Training Programs
        To implement the talent training programs consisting in the Group's talent training system, the Group has run a series of leadership training programs for different levels of talents, including the executive leadership program, the mid-level leadership program, and the reserve talent training program, to enhance the management skills of talents at all levels. The Group also values the cultivation of specialists to ensure the rapid growth of professional personnel.

        Teams of CNE Star Talents
        A talent cultivation mechanism featuring oriented training is created to build teams of star talents for the Group.

        Management talents with outstanding performance are selected for full-time study, aiming to cultivate "Leadership Stars" to form a management team with modern corporate thinking.
        The training of specialized talents is carried out, with emphasis on the accumulation of organizational knowledge and skills, and features various training methods such as training camps that focus on cultivating "Specialized Stars", namely specialized backbones of various departments of the Group.

        Internally, the Group has a systemic talent pool and a specialized talent pool for dynamic talent reserve, points-based incentives, regular talent tracking, and elimination of the unfit. A series of training sessions are planned for the reserve talent echelon plan. Through offline training, online courses, and reading assignments, the Group helps the reserve talents open their mind and broaden their vision, making them "Promising Stars".

        Systematic training and employee onboarding programs are conducted, and intensive training and targeted follow-up is carried out to enhance new employees' professionalism and ensure smooth integration, thus creating "Growing Stars".

        A rich variety of training activities are launched, including knowledge contest, cultural promotion, technical exchanges, and lectures, to raise awareness of corporate culture, identify specialized talents, and cultivate "Rising Professional Stars".



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